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What Online Divorce Services are there?

As the world progresses, so does divorce law South Africa progress with it. Divorce is now available online. Online divorce is an option in which a married couple can get divorced utilising an online service. The costs vary depending on the service provider and what services are included. Whichever firm or website you choose to use, and whatever the cost, the method is legal under divorce law South Africa.

Ultimately, online divorce is a form of DIY divorce. DIY and online divorce must be uncontested and the married couple must have reached agreement around all areas of the divorce. This means being in agreement with regards to the division of assets, division of debts, the primary residence of children, should there be any, maintenance, and a visitation plan. Divorce law South Africa makes online divorce an option only if divorce is uncontested.

The online services available to couples wishing to get divorced vary from one firm to the next. Most commonly a website will offer a simple, guided step by step process. The process will likely start with a simple online enquiry form to see if the couple qualifies for the service. This will be to determine if the married couple has reached an agreement with regards to the conclusion of the divorce, as is necessary under divorce law South Africa where DIY and online divorce are concerned. When this step is completed, an online form would need to be completed. The firm’s fee is then paid, to which the divorce documents will then be drafted and sent within a few days. When the documents are received, the married couple wishing to get divorced must print the documentation and follow a step by step guide included in the package.

The guide will list everything that needs to be done from serving a summons right to the conclusion. Under divorce law South Africa every divorce action can only start with a summons served on the defendant by the sheriff of the court.

Some firms offer a more advanced package in which legal assistance is provided by an attorney. The fees for this will be higher than that which offer no assistance from an attorney. Divorce law South Africa allows this form of practice in divorce cases. It is convenient in the sense that it is far more affordable and it gives one the chance to handle the administrations of the proceedings personally. Of course, this can be a challenge too, but that is why with most of the online divorce services and upgraded services there is an option available in which an attorney will assist and guide the married couple through the process according to divorce law South Africa. Ultimately, it is important to understand the procedures and processes of divorce and divorce law South Africa, because while it is convenient and fairly step by step, error in the process could lead to a lot of time wasted and in the end cost a lot of money too, when the objective may have been to save costs in the divorce process.

Uncontested divorce can be concluded in as little as six weeks, but complications in the proceedings with regards to administrations and such could lead to prolonged divorce situations. One can research the processes of divorce, as well as follow the instructions as included in the online divorce packages. Often times, the online divorce services do not include a consultation with an attorney, this could even be the case in the more advance packages that include attorney assistance, but where a situation is unclear, an attorney should be consulted. Divorce attorneys spend years studying divorce law South Africa, and best know the procedures.


What Online Divorce Services Are There - Divorce Law South Africa